Headband for New Year with stars. Christmas craft

Headband for New Year with stars. Christmas craft

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Celebrate New Year's Eve in style with this fun star headband craft, the most festive accessory for children and adults. Also, you can do it at home!

Have fun making this Christmas craft with the children, making a headband with stars is very easy and they will love it, especially if you complete it with a fairy costume.

  • Diadem
  • Golden pipe cleaner
  • Glue
  • White folios
  • Pencil and Scissors
  • Silver Eva rubber
  • Zeal and Tweezers
  • Permanent black marker

1. Glue the outside of the headband

2. Place two pipe cleaners covering the area with glue. Hold them with tweezers until they dry. Use two more pipe cleaners to make the antennas, attaching them to the top of the headband.

3. Draw a star on a sheet of paper, cut it out and copy it on silver foam rubber. Cut out two equal stars.

4. Write your New Year's message with a black marker on the silver part

5. Tape the stars to the pipe cleaners. Happy New Year to everyone! Have you already thought about your resolutions for the new year?

This craft has been made byLaura Platas, of Juice Animations.