Shocking images of a teacher who hits her Kindergarten students

Shocking images of a teacher who hits her Kindergarten students

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The normal thing is that the school be a friendly and quiet place, a place where children learn from books and teachers. And not only new knowledge, but also values.

The normal thing is that teachers treat our children with affection and respect. With authority, yes, but with respect. This is normal. But images like these put us on alert. Not all teachers are as patient and kind as we think.

These images are tremendous of a teacher who beats her students as a child. It seems unthinkable that a teacher could use violence without measure. But reality once again opens our eyes. In this video, barely 1 minute long, you can see how a teacher beats two girls as young as 4 and 5 harshly. He pushes them, knocks them to the ground, and kicks and slaps them. The other children watch without moving, terrified. The teacher insists and hits the girls again. One of them, still on the ground. The teacher in question is seen to be aggressive, very angry, totally overwhelmed and beside herself.

It is also striking how at the beginning of the video another adult person passes by without flinching, as if this were something habitual and totally allowed.

The teacher, however, has been fired, and the teacher an accomplice by not reporting what was happening, investigated. This time it happened at the Children's School Jihui Kindergarten from China, but all this makes us think ... in how many more places is it happening? We recently saw how in a school in Colombia parents were deceived with the food they gave their children. What else will schools hide from us?

1. First of all, parents must demand the rejection of violence and physical punishment towards the students.

2. Also they should ask for transparency and good communication with the school and the teaching team. It is essential when entrusting the education of children to a certain place. Emails with which to communicate and flexibility when requesting a tutoring.

3. Parents they have the right to know the team of teachers who will educate their children. A meeting at the beginning of the course is necessary for teachers to introduce themselves and offer ways of communication with parents.

4. Must be required a first tutorial to meet the teacher who will attend the child more directly. In this tutorial, parents can ask about their work methodology, if they support punishments, homework, if they reward the efforts of children ...

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