Prevention of back pain during pregnancy

Prevention of back pain during pregnancy

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As important as it is to know what can cause back pain during pregnancy, it is to prevent it, that is, avoid sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, too much physical activity and seek to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. The sooner you begin to prevent these discomforts, the better for the woman and her baby.

The best measures to prevent back pain during pregnancy and delivery are:

1. Take care of your posture
The woman should monitor posture from the beginning of pregnancy. You should try to keep your hips forward, squeezing your glutes and your back straight. You should never walk or move arching your back or sticking your belly out.

2. Wear comfortable shoes
During pregnancy, the woman should avoid heels because they press not only the instep of the foot but also the muscles of the waist, and that will lead her to position the spine in the wrong way. It is best to wear low shoes, with good support and comfortable.

3. To do physical exercises
Physical exercises should be practiced by the woman from the beginning of pregnancy. Only in this way will she be able to strengthen and stretch her muscles so that as her belly grows, her weight does not interfere so much with the well-being of her back.

4. Rest, the minimum
Pregnancy is not a disease. So the woman should only rest when recommended by the doctor. If the woman does not present health problems or risks during pregnancy, she can work both inside and outside the home, and move freely. And it must.

5. A gentle massage or other therapeutic technique
Both massage and yoga and Pilates are indicated for women during pregnancy. With the help of your partner and a little natural oil, a good massage can give more vitality to the woman's back, legs and belly. In addition, it relaxes the muscles.

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