Toys that impair children's language development

Toys that impair children's language development

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Every day electronic toys go one step further and even the simplest toy, such as an animal farm, becomes the most sophisticated, with dozens of sounds and words to supposedly stimulate the child.

However, although it may seem otherwise, a recent study has shown that these types of electronic talking toys delay a child's language developmentas there are fewer conversations and interaction with adults.

According to child language specialist Anna Sosa, the results are conclusive and very clear: children who play with talking toys develop speech later. The explanation is simple:

- Parents have the need to use fewer words, have fewer conversations and less involved in language stimulation of their children than if they played another type of simpler game.

- Children must learn by playing and interacting in conversation with adults; So in a farm where there are wooden animals, it is the parents who have to make the animal sounds, They ask their children and verbalize their wishes, and the child tries to answer these questions. However, toys that emit sounds and lights overstimulate children, disrupting learning and turning the child into a mere spectator of what is happening. You do not need to answer or interact with the toy, therefore fewer words and fewer responses are generated.

- These toys include laptops, mobiles or tablets, which at some other stage can help stimulate the child in certain senses, but not precisely in language. They are more like toys to entertain but not to learn.

- In this study it is clear how families that use games without batteries or classic ones, such as wooden blocks, animals or books, used language in a richer way than those that handled electronic toys. In the words of the author herself: 'If the toy talks, children and parents are silent'.

- Babies learn to speak by listening to their parents, however it is curious that there is no evidence that they can learn by listening to machines. In this type of toys there are no turns of conversation nor are the social skills necessary to communicate with others developed. Even their abusive use can cause children to be excluded from participation in the real world.

So, if you have not yet decided what toy you are going to give him on his next birthday or at Christmas, you know, traditional toys are the most ideal for developing his language and creativity. There is nothing like the simplicity of things!

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