The excursion of the crocodiles. Funny poetry for kids

The excursion of the crocodiles. Funny poetry for kids

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Not only do stories tell little stories to children, a short children's poem can also contain a story and even a teaching. On our site we invite you to read this funny poetry for children: The crocodile excursion.

It is a poem for children that tells a story, throughout the verses we will discover the adventures of a group of crocodiles. If your children still do not read poetry, it is time to start changing that and send them all these children's poems to learn while playing.

Crocodiles dressed

with skirts and pants,

going through the jungle

they do great excursions.

Climbing up with great effort

they climb a mountain,

it's the first excursion

and they do it in the morning.

In a forest full of trees

they hang from large branches,

and with two naughty monkeys

they swing eagerly.

With his friends the toads

they have started to play,

they imitate them by jumping,

What fun it is to jump!

Holding on to their tails

by a bridge over the river,

go through fun

and they have lost their balance.

After swimming for a while

they wallow in the mud,

They look like croquettes

wrapped in breadcrumbs!

Lying on the bank

they have sunbathed,

tomorrow already rested

they will go hiking again.

After reading this poem aloud with your children, do you think they have understood it? We suggest that you take the test by asking these questions that we have prepared. A great way to encourage reading and, above all, children's reading comprehension.

- What animals are the protagonists of the story?

- How many animals do you remember that play with them?

- Will you go hiking again after this adventure?

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