Teach your child to brush their teeth according to the Montessori method

Teach your child to brush their teeth according to the Montessori method

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If you have children, this phrase will sound like: 'To wash your teetheeees' (yes, in a high tone and dragging the 'e' a lot). And the worst of all is that once is not enough, no, but you have to repeat it (to your despair) a thousand times.

But ... why is it so hard for kids to brush their teeth? Because they do not have it assumed as a routine. The best way not to have to remind them what to do is for them to assume it as a routine and it comes out automatically. And how do we get it? Here we have a good idea, which comes to us once through the famous Montessori method. Discover how to teach your child to brush their teeth according to the Montessori method.

Brushing teeth can be an unpleasant trance for children (they see it as a sacrifice of their play time) or as a necessary and pleasant moment, a sign of autonomy. And about children's autonomy, the Montessori philosophy knows a lot, who seeks to work with his games and different techniques the ability of the child to manage independently (a great step for the child and for his parents).

Do you want to stop having to insist and yell over and over at your child to brush his teeth? Pay attention to these steps to teach your child to brush their teeth according to the Montessori method:

1. Prepare the environment
It seems very obvious, but not all children have everything at their fingertips. And within reach means, at his height. If you prefer to keep the toothbrush and the glass in a 'hidden' place so that the bathroom is tidier, you will have a beautiful bathroom, but your child will not find what he needs every time he has to brush his teeth. The ideal? That your child find accessible everything he needs at that moment.

2. Parents, as a guide
Children learn by observing, they are great observers. They need someone to tell them how to brush their teeth. You should be the one to teach him how to do it. Take advantage of the moment when you have to brush your teeth and do it at the same time. You will be their best example. And remember to do each movement in slow motion, so you can observe well.

3. Use a routine chart
The Montessori method is a faithful defender of routine tables. They help the child to organize and prevent parents from having to repeat everything a thousand times. Nothing like a routine chart that teaches your child when to brush their teeth.

4. A temporal sequence of tooth brushing
It would not be bad for you to draw the different phases of tooth brushing and stick it in a visible place in the bathroom, so that your child can have a reference and avoid skipping a step. For example, in the pictures (by way of pictograms) of this sequence you can include the following: Put toothpaste on the brush, brush the bottom teeth, brush the top teeth, rinse well and put the brush and toothpaste teeth in place.

5. Games to teach them to brush their teeth
There are many activities that teach children to brush their teeth: drawings of the teeth with arrows that indicate in which direction to move the brush, toy dentures to practice with the brush ... All this will be very useful for the child to learn to brush your teeth.

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