The final test. Fairy tale for children

The final test. Fairy tale for children

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The final test is a story for children about the importance of helping others when they need it, even above our own needs.

Aspiring fairy Charlotte has a ordeal to overcome, but there are many who need your help along the way.Can Charlotte pass her test to be a true fairy? ...

Perhaps there are more important things to do along the way than to become a fairy.

It was the final test. There were many nerves among the young women aspiring fairies. They had been preparing for many years and now there was only one small step left to become full-fledged fairies.

They had learned to do magic, to master their wings, to take care of animals and plants, to welcome the seasons ... Now all that remained was to choose the best place to store their magic stones in the Great Rocky Mountain and thus be true fairies.

They were all prepared in the meadow from where they were going to start. They had two hours to reach the Great Rocky Mountain and find the best hiding place. The birds intoned the exit.

Charlotte took flight towards the Great Rocky Mountain with her three magic stones. Soon he heard a little girl crying in the forest and did not hesitate to approach her.

- What's wrong? Why are you crying? - he asked.

- I have lost. I have come to the forest on an excursion with my friends from school, but I have entertained myself looking at the flowers and now I am alone, - answered little Ana.

- Do not worry. I will give you one of my magic stones and with it you will find the path that your friends lead -, said the would-be fairy Charlotte.

Charlotte took flight again, and from above she saw the little Mr. Beaver trapped in some logs. I had to help him. With one of his magic stones he made a spell with which Mr. Castor was freed.

After a while he continued on his way. But at the foot of the Great Rocky Mountain, in a tree, he observed three eaglets calling his mom. They were very scared. The would-be fairy used her third magic stone to amplify the voice of the little ones so that Mrs. Eagle could hear them and go in her help.

Charlotte climbed the Great Rocky Mountain but she had no magic stone to hide. He had used them all. That's when it got sad thinking that I would never be a fairy.

However, all the judges and teachers congratulated Charlotte because she had found the best of uses for your magic stones, since the most important thing to be a fairy is to use your powers and magic stones to help others.

This is how Charlotte became a great fairy who for many years helped and cared for children, plants and animals.

Find out if your child has got the message of the story through reading comprehension questions.

Understanding what has been read is basic for the kids learning. Discovering new words, not getting lost in the story and knowing the message that the story has wanted to convey to us are some of the things that the child must learn from reading.

- Why did the fairy want to get to the Great Rocky Mountain?

- What did he have to take to the Great Rocky Mountain?

- What was wrong with Mr. Beaver?

- Did Charlotte make it to the Great Rocky Mountain?

- Did you finally get to be a fairy?

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