Myths about a child's first visit to the dentist

Myths about a child's first visit to the dentist

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When a parent calls for first time to the consultation To take your child to the clinic you need to ask the reason for the appointment.

The reasons are diverse: because it has cavities, because it has afraid to the dentist, because he is 4 years old and I have been recommended to take him for the first time ... These reasons make me wonder that there is a lack of knowledge of parents on the correct age to go to the dentist with their children, and you have to know that it is currently considered one of the factors (of course not the only one since caries is a multifactorial disease) related to the appearance of dental caries In the kids.

Therefore, I want to give you a series of important tips about the child's first visit to the dentist and uncover some myths about children's first visit to the dentist.

There are many myths About children's first visit to the dentist to be revealed. Here are some questions that parents always ask me when they first visit the dentist with their child.

1- The child has to go to the dentist from 3 or 4 years old.

Fake. Until a few years ago, the recommendation was to go to the dentist for the first time around the 3-4 years of age, since at that age a child has all its teeth in the mouth and sufficient capacity to understand and adapt to the dental practice.

Today this reality has changed, and every child should visit the dentist for the first time after the eruption of the first tooth or during the first year of life. Always remember this formula 1 + 1 = 0 (first visit to the dentist with the eruption of the first tooth will result in zero cavities).

2- Children have cavities from the age of six.

Fake. There is a worrying percentage of children with early-onset caries, which is the one that appears in children under six years. And it is already being considered a serious problem of public health, not only because of its frequency, but also because of its significant physical consequences and the socioeconomic repercussions that they entail.

3- You have to go to the dentist when a tooth bothers us.

The first and most important thing is to make a drastic change of thought, so never forget this phrase, "you have to go to the dentist not because a tooth hurts, but so that it never hurts."

The first visit to the dentist is to establish a "Dental Home" adequate and effective, that is, a close and ongoing relationship between pediatric dentist-child-family in order to strengthen ties, educate and maintain good oral health from childhood.

On the first visit, a Clinical examination From the child's mouth, an individual caries risk assessment will be determined, parents will be given early guidance on diet and dental hygiene, and the necessary periodic reviews will be scheduled.

4- Can I take you to any type of dentist?

Make this reflection, if you do not take your child to the same doctor, why are you going to take him to the same dentist? For this reason, in the same way that Pediatrics exists in Medicine, the figure of the Pediatric Dentist (children's dentist) emerged with a very special purpose within Dentistry.

The practice of Pediatric Dentistry is governed by a basic philosophy but fundamental, "the ability to treat the child, not the tooth." Children present a series of aspects (age, personality, emotions, previous experiences, etc.), which significantly influence their ability to face a dental appointment for the first time. Therefore, it is the Pediatric Dentist who has the mastery of guide the child through the different dental procedures and consequently, promote a positive dental attitude and behavior that will guide them towards good oral health in their adulthood.

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