When the child's Christmas gift is a pet

When the child's Christmas gift is a pet

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If you give a pet to your child for Christmas, also give him a book, a manual with tips and instructions on how to take care of his pet, and remind him day after day that his dog, cat, turtle, or whatever animal, is a living being and needs care, attention and a lot of affection.

When the Christmas gift the child is a petKeep in mind that you have to live with it, and be clear about the obligations regarding its care and protection. Abandon them, never.

If you give an animal to your child at Christmas, be fully aware of the commitments and responsibilities that you should have with him. Children should be taught that we cannot and should not abandon friends under any circumstances, not even when we have to go on vacation trips and we have no one to leave them with.

Pets need care just like any child. Dogs, for example, must be taken for walks two or three times a day, bathed once a month, vaccinated, taken to the veterinarian, feed them and change the water, brush their fur every week, apply insecticide repellants, deworm them every three or four months, etc. It seems like an excessive work but considering that a pet can be something very rewarding for both children and the whole family, and that it is a living being, they are worth it.

I have a dog for 6 years, and what about my Lucky. Since I met him, I have learned more about friendship and fidelity. A dog is like having a child. The more you give, the more you will have in return. These little creatures are capable of changing the life of a family. And I do not mean the commitments that we have to fulfill, and yes to the values that they teach, day after day, to my partner, my daughter and me. So, as a “mother” of a dog, if you give a dog to your child, think hard. Once you have a dog in your house, there can be no going back.

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