Motherhood is based on instinct and common sense

Motherhood is based on instinct and common sense

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There is no father who is not afraid when his first child is born. Thousands of questions and doubts take over our daily life: at what time do I have to bathe the baby, what soap will I use, should he sleep in our bed or better in the crib, better bottle or breast ...

So, as beginning parents we pounced on bookstores and the internet in search of the infallible almanac on the maternity; the one who solves all our doubts and gives us the Magic formula to be the perfect parents; however, we must know that the Motherhood is based on instinct and common sense.

It is very proven, and you only have to have a talk in the park with any group of parents, that each of us works a different method, because every child is different. So what can we do to not constantly screw up with our children? Well, the answer is very simple, motherhood is based on instinct and common sense.

I am convinced that the tribes of the Central America and Africa The thousands of questions that parents in first world countries have are not asked, where motherhood is distorted and instincts are lost, where everything gets complicated and the whirlwind of daily life drags us to go, on numerous occasions, against nature. Do you wonder in Africa if they should co-sleep with their babies? Or what time should they put him to bed? Or how much milk should he suckle and at what time should he do it? Of course not. In those areas, motherhood is something that is lived in anatural, and so it should be. Something innate in us, something that resides in common sense and is transmitted from parents to children.

The problem is that today's "civilization" in Europe, has "uncivilized" usIt has denatured us, it has ripped our most primitive instincts from our popular wisdom. Today we rationalize everything, we look for a reason, a reason to do things in a certain way, we look for immediate solutions that make our complicated lives easier, and that goes against time what it takes to raise a child; because really what the child needs to mature is time, and we also need to adapt to it and learn little by little from our mistakes, that are as important as our successes.

When you have a question about parenting you just have to search inside you, and do what your heart really tells you. We are lucky to have a lot information around us, but you have to know how to administer it and apply it at the right time, since what has been so effective with other children may not work with your child. So, when faced with questions like, should I sleep with the child? ... the answer is, what do you want ?; Should I breastfeed the baby if it is crying, but not two hours have passed since the last feeding? What does your conscience dictate?

There is no better advice than listen to your own conscience and your own body. Motherhood is based on instinct and common sense. Human genetics has inherited things over the centuries that you don't even know you have, but they are there. And, if you don't know how to raise it, you just have to use your common sense, it usually works better than any handbook on motherhood.

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