Children's tongue twisters with the letter C

Children's tongue twisters with the letter C

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If your child sniffs or lisps he may need exercise your tongue with these funny tongue twisters.

Through tongue twisters you can practice language with your children and improve diction, vocabulary and memory. Games and word mazes where you can improve your speed of speech.

A fun way to spend time with the family and a therapy as effective as taking your child to the speech therapist.

Here is a list of the more fun tongue twisters with the letter C. Hunt them down and catch them in your coconut, little by little.

The King of Constantinople is constantinopolized.

It is clear that Constanza could not deconstruct him,

the deconstantinopolizer who deconstructs it,

good deconstantinopolizer will be.

The car is overcast

Who will uncover it?

the uncap that uncap

it will be a good trigger.

When you tell stories

count how many stories you count,

because if you don't count how many stories you count,

you will never know how many stories you have told.

It is difficult for him to climb the slope,

and in the middle of the hill,

He goes and lies down!

Is love a madness,

that neither the priest cures it,

and if the priest cures him

It is a madness of the priest.

Why is the bed called a bed,

and to the dresser,

being the dresser less comfortable than the bed,

and the bed more comfortable than the dresser?

I don't buy coconut because I eat little coconut,

I eat little coconut, I buy little coconut.

If the snail had a face like the snail has,

off face, off cabbage, off snail with face.

A catatrep with three catatrepts,

when the waterfall climbs,

the three catatrepts climb.

Singing Catherine,

Lovely Catherine,

Sing, Catalina sing,

That I love!

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