Risks and prevention of breast cancer

Risks and prevention of breast cancer

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The breast cancer It is the moon of the main causes of death among the female population, in many parts of the world. It is a very silent disease whose symptoms are almost imperceptible. For this reason, experts insist that early detection is the best method to avoid the risks of breast cancer. The earlier symptoms are detected, the higher the probability that the patient will be cured. has prepared a series of videos in which we have interviewed the Dr. Armando Tejerina, Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and president of the Board of Trustees of the Tejerina Foundation and director of the Breast Pathology Center. In all his interviews, this gynecologist advises women to have periodic breast studies to detect breast cancer early, since if it is detected at an early stage it can be cured.

How to detect breast cancer. After age 40, the risk of developing breast cancer increases. What should we do to detect a malignant lesion early?> Dr. Armando Tejerina explains why it is so important to detect breast cancer early.

Lactation and breast cancer. What are the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother? Does breastfeeding prevent cancer? Armando Tejerina explains to us in which cases the percentage of cancer can decrease if the woman breastfeeds the baby and it only helps in certain cases. Find out which ones!

Breast cancer controls. Breast cancer controls. Between 35 and 45, we must attend to risk factors. The director of the Breast Pathology Center, Armando Tejerina, tells us what they are and what periodic checks we should carry out, especially if we have a family history of breast cancer

Mastectomy as a treatment. Mastectomy for breast cancer. There are various treatments for women's cancer, is a mastectomy the best treatment option for breast cancer? The director of the Breast Pathology Center, Dr. Tejerina explains what it consists of and what are the current modern alternatives

Nodules that indicate cancer. There is a question that many women ask themselves: Is it true that nodules that hurt are not carcinogenic and that the bad ones are those that do not hurt? Dr. Tejerina clarifies this question and the cases in which the woman may feel pain in the chest to prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer between the ages of 20 and 35. Between the ages of 20 and 35, breast cancer is rare, but not impossible. Are we too young at this age to care? Dr. Armando Tejerina, director of the Breast Pathology Center tells us how we should control it.

Fertility and breast cancer. We tell you how to get pregnant after breast cancer. The diagnosis of breast cancer and its treatment can negatively influence a woman's fertility. Dr. Tejerina explains to us when and how to get pregnant after breast cancer.

Sexuality after breast cancer. Treatments for breast cancer can affect the sexuality of young women. Apart from the aesthetic reconstruction of the breast, what other treatments do women need to feel full or complete? Doctor Armando Tejerina tells us.

Breast cancer in young women. Breast cancer affects younger women more aggressively than older women. However, the prognoses are increasingly positive, since breast cancer depends on many factors, such as the biological factors of the tumor itself and the immunological factors of the patient itself.

Lactation after breast cancer. Breastfeeding your baby after breast cancer is no longer a dream. Dr. Armando Tejerina, in this exclusive interview to our site, assures that breastfeeding is possible after having suffered from breast cancer. Watch the video to know more details.

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