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Play songs for kids

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In we show you a selection of songs to play with children. These melodies are characterized by being accompanied by a series of traditional games that range from doing body movements to interpret the songs, to playing with clapping hands or group dynamics in which the little ones will learn to develop social skills.

With these melodies you can encourage your children to immerse themselves in the world of music; In addition, through these games they will improve their memory capacity, their concentration and they will improve their corporal expression. Don't miss the best play songs for kids that we bring for you. Enjoy them!

I take out a little hand and make it dance. Children's play song

A nice song for children where they can learn to coordinate hands and feet. Thanks to its simple handwriting, children will have no difficulty in learning it; It will also generate learning in them, and they will also enjoy very funny moments singing and dancing.

Head, shoulder, knees & toes. English game song for children

If you want your children to practice the English language, this is an ideal song to achieve it. When singing it, the little ones will be able to perform a little choreography by moving their hands and pointing at different parts of the body at the same time. A very fun piece of music with a rhythm like no other.

I put a hand. Song to play with children

Listening to music and singing bring many benefits to children, including developing their sense of rhythm and musical hearing, as well as promoting their coordination and memory. Try playing this beautiful song with the little ones and give them all these benefits.

Slippers from behind. Children's play song

Children like to dance since they are very young, without a doubt it is a very complete recreational activity for the little ones. With this children's song you will be able to motivate your child to sing and dance, creating a strong bond that will unite you and him in a very original and fun way.

To the viper of the sea. Children's song to play

This traditional Mexican song is ideal to encourage the sense of sociability in children. With it the little ones can get together with friends or family, hold each other by the waist, and pass under the arms extended upwards of two children who are holding hands. As the little ones go under the arch, they will sing and increase their speed as they walk, the children who separate from the line must leave the game.

The yard of my house. Children's play song

To play with this song, the children must form a circle and do a choreography related to the lyrics of it. This melody is ideal for the little ones to have a great time learning the letters of the alphabet. Learn and play in a very fun way with your children.

As the boat passes. Children's games song

A popular song especially among younger children. To play and have fun guaranteed, the little ones can jump rope while singing their happy tune. We invite you to watch a nice video about this song with our mascot the ragged bear, you can't miss it!

They have set up a bookstore. Song to play with children

On our site we show you a song for children, with which they can dance and develop a very beneficial physical activity for them. Feel the rhythm and dance together with your children a classic song of a lifetime. You dare?

Passing through the barracks. Children's play song

To play with this song you must form two lines of children facing each other. A boy or girl will walk through the middle while everyone is singing and clapping, when the little one in the middle touches the shoulder of another partner, the turn will change and he or she will have to pass through everyone repeating the same dynamic.

At the back of the potato. Children's games song

Al corro de la patata is a song that has been passed down for generations for years. Children usually enjoy it a lot thanks to its funny lyrics that are accompanied by a beautiful game. To do it, the children must make a wheel by holding hands and jump and play while singing it.

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