Passing through the barracks. Childish song

Passing through the barracks. Childish song

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Share with your children this beautiful song childish, with which they can play with their palms to the rhythm of their melody. Encourage your children to enjoy a piece of music and have a great time singing and dancing.

In we show you the best songs of a lifetime for the little ones in the house. Songs for them to laugh, have fun and spark your imagination through lyrics designed especially for them.

Passing through the barracks

I dropped a button

and the colonel came

to stomp on me.

What a stomp he gave me

with his huge foot,

that I was seven days

without being able to get up.

Pretty girls

they don't go to the barracks,

because the soldiers

they step on their feet.

Soldier, soldier

don't step on me,

that I am little

And I can fall

If you are little

I'm going to give you

a white dress

to go for a walk.

Short in front,

long from behind,

with four ruffles

and good bye my general!

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