11 names for girls with the letter Ñ

11 names for girls with the letter Ñ

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Are you expecting a girl and you still have not decided what it is going to be called? From our site we propose these eleven ideas of names for a girl with the letter ‘ñ’.

The 'ñ' belongs to the Spanish alphabet but we also find it in other alphabets such as Asturian, Aymara, Breton, Bubi, Galician, Chamorro, Mapuche, Filipino, Quechua, Iñupiaq, Guaraní, Otomí, Mixtec, Kiliwa, O'odham, Papiamento , Rohingya, Tagalog, Crimean Tatar, Tetun, Wolof, and Zapotec, and also appears in languages ​​such as Basque, most Nilo-Saharan languages, Zarma, Australian Aboriginal languages, and many other languages ​​on all continents.

Despite its extensive use, there are countries like France where a baby cannot be registered with a name that contains the letter ‘ñ’ because it is not recognized by the French language.

1- Begoña: it is a name of Basque origin. It means ‘place on the dominant hill’ and comes from the patron saint of Vizcaya, the Virgin of Begoña. Among the personalities that are called this way, we can highlight the Mexican actress Begoña Narváez or the Spanish artist Begoña Olavide, among others.

2- Carmine: is a name of Latin origin. It means 'song or poem'. It is a variant of the name Carmen.

3- Garbiñe: it is a name of Basque origin and means 'clean and pure'. It is the Basque variant of the feminine Castilian name ‘Purificación.

4- Ñeca: It is an Italian name and is a derivative of names that end in ‘nia’ such as ‘Virginia’ or ‘Herminia’.

5- Pain: is a name widely used in Huesca (Spain). In honor of the Virgen de la Peña whose hermitage is located in the municipality of La Sotonera in Hoya de Huesca.

6- Ekiñe: name for a girl with the letter ñ of Basque origin, it is a not very popular name. It is a modern name created on the basis of eki which means ´Sol´ and the ending is the feminine suffix -ñe.

7- Egokiñe: it is a name of Basque origin. It has a popular use and is equivalent in Spanish to the name of Justa. It is composed of egoki meaning 'appropriate' and the modern feminine suffix '-ne'.

8- Stand up: it is a name of Basque origin and its form in Castilian would be Regina, which means 'queen'. This name is used a lot in Italy.

9- Deñe: it is a name of Basque origin very little used and it means 'Annunciation'.

10- Marine: is a name of Latin origin. Very used in Galicia. Its meaning is linked to the sea.

11- Ñeves: it is a name of Latin origin that means 'white like snow'. It is the Asturian form of the feminine name of Nieves.

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