How to avoid abusing children

How to avoid abusing children

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Pedestrian accidents are one of the most frequent traffic accidents. The older people and children They are the main victims of these abuses that in most cases could be avoided. That is why we insist on the need to provide children with a good driver education to avoid the abuses of children.

But let's not fool ourselves, because avoiding child abuses it must be a responsibility shared by public institutions, educational centers, drivers and parents. The vicinity of educational centers and children's playgrounds deserve special attention, since they are the places where children are most abused.

1. It is not enough to comply with the law on road safety. Speed ​​down when you approach colleges or parks and keep your full attention on driving. A distraction can be fatal.

2. Take extra care when you see a school bus stopped, children may rush out.

3. Don't park on the sidewalkNot even for a short time, because you force children and other pedestrians to invade the road. It is extremely dangerous.

4. Increase precautions in crosswalks when driving in bad weather conditions, such as rain or fog and in the evening.

5. Respect traffic lights and priority at crosswalks, but also stay withinAlert to possible unforeseen events. A child with a mobile phone or headphones on is a real danger.

1. Teach your children the basic notions of driver education for your safety. But if you want children to follow the recommendations, it is not enough to indicate, you also have to preach with the example.

2. Never cross a crosswalk with your children without look both ways Of the road. Although the priority pedestrians, crossing wisely is the best way to avoid accidents.

3. No matter how in a hurry do not cross outside the marked steps. Better to be late for school than endanger children and ruin all the driver education you are trying to instill in them.

4. Wait for the arrival of school bus on the sidewalk, never on the road. And make sure your children stay quiet during the wait without impulsively running around the area.

5. The mobile phone or wearing headphones takes away from what may happen on the road. Do not use them, especially if you are accompanied by children so that they do not imitate your behavior.

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