Feeding for the underweight baby

Feeding for the underweight baby

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The growth chart of children is generally constant and almost always increasing, except for the first days of life that lose a few grams; It can happen that a premature baby may have a greater difficulty gaining weight or have low birth weight, unlike full-term babies who have normal growth in relation to weight and height.

Before a case of underweight baby, the pediatrician should be consulted about the cause that generates the lack of weight gain. If the cause is food, it is important to remember that breast milk is the best food for babies due to its nutritional composition, bioavailability of its nutrients, immunological advantages, the presence of hormones and enzymes, growth factors and last but not least. important the psychological factor.

- Breastfeed the baby on demand, every time you ask, regardless of the time that has passed since the last feeding.

- To take into account the loss of milk of the mother, a stressful situation can interfere with the production of breast milk.

- Prevent you from falling asleep when breastfeeding, move the baby a little so that he wakes up and can finish the milk intake.

- Consult with the pediatrician who the baby does not have any problems with the lips, palate and tongue so that you can make a correct latch on the nipple.

- Take into account how to suckIf you have a good grip, if you have strength in the grip, this will also determine the amount of milk that the baby is going to drink.

- If you drink artificial milk, review the preparation form.

- Babies who are breastfeeding and are underweight can become need some supplement that provides protein, calories, iron, and calcium, some babies will need more supplementation than others.

- It is not necessary to advance complementary feeding to improve weight gain, respect the maturation time of the baby's organs.

In case the baby (over 6 months) is on complementary feeding, we can:

- If we are dealing with a low weight baby, before giving each meal, to breastfeed.

- Avoid broths, soups or juices, these types of foods contain a large amount of water, which makes the child satisfied much earlier with a low-calorie meal.

- Add in each preparation 1 teaspoon of oil (extra virgin oil), this increases the caloric value of the food with good quality fats.

- You can add breast milk to dessert, such as banana or other fruit crushed with milk. Avoid sugary or processed desserts, which although they have a high caloric intake, these are foods with empty calories (without nutrients).

- Avoid too long meals, it can tire and demotivate the child, give a time of 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

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