Benefits of skipping rope for children

Benefits of skipping rope for children

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The jump rope has been practiced since time immemorial. Some theories suggest that its origin is in ancient Egypt. Through writings, paintings and sculptures we have witnessed how it was practiced in ancient China or in the Middle Ages.

What began as a form of fun has become one of the most complete sports, practiced not only by boxers who we are used to seeing jumping rope to prepare for their training sessions, but also by many other athletes who They use this technique to improve their physical condition. But, Do you know what benefits skipping rope has for children?

In the 70s, 80s and 90s it was more common to see children in the parks playing rope, a practice that is gradually recovering in schools and educational centers, among other things because there are many benefits that contributes to children.

1- It's a cheap sport so it does not require a large outlay on the part of the parents to be able to practice it. In addition, it can be practiced both outdoors in parks and indoors.

2- It is a sport that can be practice both individually and in groups. It helps the little ones to socialize with other children, favoring social ties, cooperation and sportsmanship, since group practice requires coordination and teamwork.

3- Anyone can practice rope jumping since does not require a specific physical condition to be able to enjoy this sport.

4- At combine sport and fun It is attractive to children so it is a good idea to introduce them to sports, helping to combat sedentary lifestyle.

5- The jump rope it's a complete job, puts our entire body in motion and helps burn fat fighting childhood obesity. It also helps children eliminate toxins through sweat.

6- Improve children's coordination since its practice requires agility and balance as well as body control between eyes, arms and legs, also favoring the spatial orientation of children.

7- Strengthens the cardiovascular system, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, improving blood circulation.

8- Tones the muscles both the upper body: arms, chest, shoulders, and the lower body: legs, abdominals.

9- The practice of skipping rope for children improves lung capacity since it makes the body oxygenate better, helping in possible respiratory problems.

10- Jumping rope helps children to reduce stress, and favors their concentration and memory, in addition to relaxing them.

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