How to Teach Simple Social Rules to Children

How to Teach Simple Social Rules to Children

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Teach a child simple social rules such as: talking on the phone, how to say goodbye or how to relate to older people, depending on the personality or temperament of our child, can be more or less complicated. Surely, all parents have experienced situations in which we have spoken for our children when verifying that they, shame or ignoranceThey were not prepared to give a satisfactory response to a certain social situation.

In we give you some tips to teach simple social rules to children

The lack of social norms in children, it is often interpreted as cruelty or rudeness. I remember an occasion, when my daughter was 3 or 4 years old, when waiting to be charged at the supermarket checkout, there was an old woman in front of us who had Parkinson's disease and was shaking her head and hands with spasms. When my daughter saw her, she screamed at me: "Mom, this lady seems silly, look what she's doing!" Right away I explained what was happening to him, but I was sorry that that old woman heard her "cruel comment".

Teach simple social norms to children it becomes essential when we live in society. Respect for the elderly, not talking loudly, treating with affection those who are different from him are learned behaviors like other more everyday ones. The example of parents is as always fundamental, but giving them when it comes to the case some little advice to be discreet, or formulas or phrases to thank, ask for forgiveness, ask for things, they will always be a complement to what they see in the elderly.

There are also many moments that we can take advantage of so that they "train" in social situations, such as talking on the phone with them, talking about something that has happened to them, sending them to buy bread or bringing guests home. In any case, let us try to avoid "do what I say and not what I do", because they will almost always imitate us, they will listen to us from time to time and, of course, they will inevitably print their personality in every situation that implies a beginning to the coexistence with others.

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