5 things you should tell your children before the age of 12

5 things you should tell your children before the age of 12

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There are delicate topics what you should personally tell your children before the age of 12 and those who must face in their childhood. Is better find out from the closest person to them, someone who explains it with love and understanding before their classmates, or life itself, makes it known in a more painful way.

We tend to protect our children from birth. We do not want them to suffer, be hurt or have a bad time. That sometimes leads us to tell little white lies to soften the harshness of the world or to create a little magic in it, but there comes a time when you have to open their eyes and tell them many truths that until now they did not know.

1. Death: A year ago our cat Pepito, being a tender and sweet puppy, decided to explore the world by looking out the window. My daughters saw him pacing the window sill, as he used to do whenever we were careless and left the window open. - Mom, Pepito is outside the window! -and, right under our noses the cat slipped away and fell the five floors that separated him from the ground. It goes without saying that Pepito did not survive the fall, and my five-year-old daughters watched in horror as I died in front of them with nosebleeds and gasps.

It was very hard, but it was really the softest thing that could happen to be able to explain why he died. But what most alarmed them is that he died as a puppy. They had assumed that only the old men died and verify that the puppies or children could also die it was a big surprise for them.

2. Conception, sexuality, and birth is another of the more delicate topics to try, both for parents and children. My daughter Alba after a first approach asking me the million dollar question: but how do sperm get to your gut, mom? My answer, which I thought was so natural, left her so stunned that he never wanted to ask again. Still, I prefer that he have found out from me before the school kids or older brother catch up on him in his own way.

3. Life is not always fair and it doesn't matter if you're a kid or a good person. The world works like this, you have to understand it, assume it, and try to discover its positive side. We can always try to improve it by putting everything on our side.

4. Parents are not your friends. This is a phrase that can create controversy, but that must be taken into account. I, as a mother, I need to correct and teach my daughters certain behaviors of life that I would not share in the same way with my friends. Their friends will be by their side, they will support them in difficult times, they will live with them new experiences, but they will never be able to act like a mother or father. That is what I am for, to show and open their eyes to situations they cannot understand, and to educate them in the best possible way so that their suffering is a learning, when necessary.

5. Last but not least, we must explain to our children that Magi and the Mouse Pérez They have long been helped by their parents in their toy distribution tasks. The planet is too big to get everywhere in such a short time.

The vision of the world that surrounds us will influence the rest of our life, so always you better get the best of it. It is you who should tell your children before the age of 12 all the delicate aspects of life.

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