The best fables for children of 2018

The best fables for children of 2018

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Fables are short stories where most of the time the main characters are animals or animated objects. They are generally written in verse or prose and are ideal for teaching values ​​to children. Through the morals that these stories give us, children can reflect on their actions and the way they should act in certain situations of daily life.

With these stories, you can also encourage the habit of reading in children and invite them to live very funny adventures through the exploits of their characters. Do not miss the best fables for children what bring for you and your little ones.

The hare and the Tortoise. Fable for children

With the fable of 'The hare and the tortoise' the children will learn not to look down on their neighbor no matter how weak they may seem. Overconfidence and laziness played a bad move on one of the main characters in this story. If you want to know more about this funny story, we invite you to read it together with your children. Share quality time with them as they read a teaching story.

The lion and the Mouse.Fable for children

Without a doubt, this is one of the favorite fables of parents and children. A story where two little animals will teach the little ones not to look down on others. The moral that he gives us is ideal to reflect on the value of humility. If you are looking for an animated story for children, 'The Lion and the Mouse' is an excellent option to read together with them.

The wolf in sheep's clothing.Fable for children with a moral

You cannot miss this traditional animated story; a short but very entertaining story of Aesop for children. Encourage the imagination of your children and through its moral teach them the importance of the value of honesty. Encourage reading with this children's story and educate children in a different and didactic way.

The Congress of the Mice.Children's fable

Samaniego was a Spanish writer internationally recognized for his fables. 'The Congress of the Mice' is a short story by this author, where children are taught that sometimes ideas can be proposed but they are not always easy to carry out. A text that conveys a teaching that can be beneficial for children.

The horse and the donkey. A precious fabula for children

Encourage the value of solidarity with this story, about a horse that, by not helping an ass, receives a valuable lesson. Learn with the children and reflect on the moral that this fable leaves us, emphasizing above all the importance of not being selfish with others and avoiding disinterest in what happens to others.

The milkmaid.Classic fable for children

'Too much ambition, it will never bring us anything good', this is the lesson that this short narrative leaves us. A text to convey positive messages to children and a great tool to educate in a more attractive way for them. We highly recommend this fable to teach them the value of prudence and patience.

The dove and the ant.Fable for children

Through this short story starring animals, children will be taught and learn family values, which they can implement in their daily lives. On this occasion, the fable of 'The dove and the ant' will teach them the value of reciprocity, and respect for others. Enjoy this beautiful fable with the children and have fun with them while they read this story.

The fox and the grapes.Children's fable with a moral

Educating the value of effort in children is much easier through texts like this, dynamic, short and motivational. This is a story where a fox will do everything possible to get food, however her lack of perseverance will end up preventing her from fulfilling her goal. The valuable lesson it teaches us also has to do with the value of perseverance and fortitude.

The children of the farmer.Short fables

Reading in children is of the utmost importance, according to experts this is the ideal age to awaken their interest in this habit. Through this beautiful fable you can encourage the little ones to read and at the same time they can learn a valuable moral. On this occasion 'The children of the farmer' teach us the value of solidarity and the importance of teamwork.

The ant and the cicada.Fable for children

A classic of classics, which for generations has been passed down from father to son. The fable of 'the ant and the grasshopper' is a great way to teach children the value of work. Through effort, great benefits can be obtained, so it is important to teach children to use their time in the best way.

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