The best children's songs of 2018

The best children's songs of 2018

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We show you the best songs for children of 2018ranging from nursery rhymes to educational tunes to stimulate children. It is a series of songs that do not go out of style and that are transmitted from generation to generation.

We recommend you listen to these melodies in the company of your children, and offer them a different learning experience, with the help of the letters we provide you. Through music you can share time with your children and invite them to have fun times, singing and dancing.

Children's song: Estrellita, where are you?

A classic children's song of international fame that has been very popular with children for years. This melody is ideal for bedtime; you can sing to the little ones, relax them and help them sleep. With this beautiful song there sweet Dreams Insured!

Dance Song: Noah's Ark

This nursery rhyme will help children learn the names of the animals, you can also do a little choreography with them by making certain gestures according to the characteristics of each animal. A very fun piece of music to dance and sing with your children.

Traditional children's song: The dairy cow

On our site we show you a selection of children's songs of 2018, they are very popular songs for children, among them is the famous dairy cow. A song that tells us about a cute cow, very naughty and spoiled by its owner. It is definitely a popular tune for today and forever.

Nursery rhyme: My child scared

A perfect lullaby to put babies to sleep. With the help of this relaxing melody you can make your children fall asleep and rest calm and serene. Without a doubt, “Arrorró mi niño” cannot be missing among the best songs for children of 2018.

Pin Pon is a doll, songs for children

Who does not know Pin Pon? a cardboard doll that has been the protagonist of this classic children's song that has been passed down for generations. We invite you to enjoy with the children this traditional piece of music that, in addition to being fun, will stimulate the little ones through its melody.

I'm a cup, nursery rhymes

Songs help children improve their psychomotor skills by following the rhythm of the music and performing movements (for example, clapping hands). The song "I am a cup" is an excellent melody to encourage the development of these skills, since it is a happy song and children really enjoy dancing and singing it.

There was the frog singing, funny songs

Children's songs not only have lessons, they also make children live very funny moments and enjoy an art as beautiful as music. "The frog was singing" is a very nice and entertaining song for the little ones, with it they can stimulate their ability to memorize and rhyme very original phrases.

Let it rain, let it rain, popular nursery rhymes

This is one of the best songs for children, which can be enjoyed by both young and old. Teach your children the lyrics of this piece of music, and dance with them to the rhythm of the music, move hands, feet and your whole body! Yes! No! Let a downpour fall!

Five little mice, song for children

The song of the five little mice is a short melody and very easy to memorize, especially for younger children; It is also composed of a series of rhymes that make it very attractive to them. Don't miss the opportunity to share this sweet song with your children. Enjoy with them and have a great time!

The numbers song

This is an educational song highly recommended by parents, ideal for children to learn to count and memorize numbers. Teach the little ones this piece of music, very easy to memorize and with a very catchy melody. If you accompany it with rhythmic exercises, you will see how much fun they have and the benefits it will bring them both physically and cognitively.

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