What is respected delivery

What is respected delivery

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A respected delivery is a non-operated delivery. It is also known for humanized childbirth. It is the delivery where gynecologists and midwives accompany the pregnant woman in the dilation and delivery phase, just to make sure that everything follows its natural course. It is a process in which the woman is cared for in a respectful way, in which her will and needs are privileged.

However, today many of the births end up being intervened. Sometimes because it is necessary. But many women protest against what they consider an excess of intervention by the health team that attends them. Rita Salvador, Cummater's midwife, explains what is meant by respected delivery and in which cases it is necessary to intervene.

The pregnant woman has to go regularly to her gynecologist or midwife during the nine months of pregnancy. The reason: it is the only way to check that everything is fine. When the pregnancy is normal, the most logical thing is that the delivery occurs naturally. The matron Rita Salvador He tells us that in these cases, a non-operated delivery can be perfectly given:

"If the pregnancy is a normal pregnancy, which has gone well throughout the gestation, the health personnel during the delivery, the only thing they do is accompany the pregnant woman, so that she has a delivery as spontaneous as possible."

When the pregnancy is a risky pregnancy or some situation occurs during childbirth that endangers the health of the pregnant woman or the baby, the healthcare team does not think about it and intervenes. So explains it Rita Salvador:

'Sometimes there are deviations from normality (development of fever during childbirth, fetal distress, slow progression of the pregnancy) and then you have to take small steps to bring the birth to a happy ending. I mean, a healthy mom and baby. '

And even in these cases, the midwife Rita Salvador recommends us to always keep ourselves informed of everything that happens during childbirth:

'I encourage pregnant women and their companions during delivery to talk with the midwives and the gynecologist who attends them during delivery and discuss what will be done.. All interventions that are made, in principle, can be agreed. There are many actions that are totally optional, such as the application of enemas, or if a woman wants to be mobilized during dilation and it can be done perfectly during the progression of labor. And if an additional intervention has to be carried out, health personnel always have to explain why it is done. '

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