The nightmare of traveling by car with children who do not stop screaming and crying

The nightmare of traveling by car with children who do not stop screaming and crying

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There are children who, since they are babies, do not tolerate car trips. As soon as you try to seat them in the chair they scramble to prevent you from buckling the harness, they scream all the way or even as soon as the car stops at a traffic light the tantrum.

Somehow, they feel anxiety and phobia about car trips and overreact to avoid them. This attitude is a problem for some parents who cannot take car trips with their children and even come to paralyze family vacations. In we tell you what to do to travel by car with children who do not stop screaming and crying.

I still remember a traffic jam that I experienced with my oldest son when he was only 3 months old as a real nightmare. A 15 minute drive turned into an 1 hour drive. Taking into account that at 5 minutes the baby began to cry because he did not like to go by car, that eternal time that we live trapped continues to make my hair stand on end. The child was going in the opposite direction to the march in the back of the car, so I could only talk and sing to him, but not touch him, caress him, hold him in my arms or breastfeed him so that he could calm down. Her crying grew louder until it was deafening. I couldn't stop the car or get off the road, so it all ended when he fell asleep from exhaustion. I have to admit that the tears were falling from me.

For a few years this was the way the trips were with my eldest son, after five or ten minutes he was playing "toque and fugue" so I had to remedy it to avoid tensing myself and end up having a car accident:

- Try not to travel by car alone: Get accompanied by another driver who can take the wheel so that you, from behind, can caress the baby or even breastfeed, even if it is in a strange position.

- Take cds of stories and songs: before the tantrum starts and the child starts crying put on that CD of songs that he likes so much.

- Take short trips: If possible try to make trips that do not extend too much, gradually get used to the car. You can first make trips of five minutes, after ten and so on little by little until the child accepts that for a while he will have to be seated and with the harness fastened.

- Videos and movies: they tend to anesthetize children, it is the hand of a saint. The drawings begin and there are no children in the car.

- Keep firm: If the child does not want to fasten the harness, fidgets so as not to sit in the chair or screams as if there is no tomorrow, never, under any circumstances, give in and leave the harness loose or carry him in the car. Tell him lovingly but firmly that he has to travel in his chair and that is non-negotiable.

- Others: I usually bring a favorite snack or cookie, with my children, who are good eaters, it always worked to give them a favorite snack, although I have also put into practice the thousand and one games, either finding white cars or discovering shapes in the clouds .

- Patience: and, if there is no choice but to travel by car with children who do not stop screaming and crying and nothing makes them calm down, you only have to breathe, breathe and breathe. Because if you cannot move in any other way, it will be your only ally when it comes to dealing with traffic and not losing your nerves, something dangerous at the wheel.

In the end, I got my son to agree to travel by car without doing so much drama.

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