Children inherit weight from the mother and height from the father

Children inherit weight from the mother and height from the father

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On genetics there are hundreds of studies that investigate the factors that we inherit from our fathers and mothers. From our mothers, according to some researchers we can inherit from baldness to emotional intelligence and, the paternal line is stronger to determine what the child will be like as it grows.

On our site we collect one of these genetic studies, not without controversy, which states that children inherit weight from mothers and height from fathers. What do you think? Is it true of you?

Will the child have daddy's eyes? Mommy's mouth? Grandma's curly hair? ... It seems that most of the physical traits we inherit are the result of pure chance, although in some specific traits Like eye color, there is also a component of preeminence, for example, the raw brown color over green.

Sometimes we would like the child to inherit the father's hair color or those beautiful dimples that the mother has on her cheeks, however, we have little decision about it.

According to some geneticists, fathers have a greater influence on certain factors and mothers on others. This is stated by at least one group of researchers from the Exeter Family Study of Childhood Health in the United Kingdom. The study led by Professor Andrew Hattersley began its research in 1999 and over several years examined the genetic factors and environmental influences that babies receive and how they influence their growth. The study found that children inherit weight from mothers and height from fathers.

- The research, although it is not conclusive and is rejected by other geneticists, affirms that the father's genes have a greater influence on how tall the child will be when he is older in addition, of course, to be influenced by the diet and the environmental circumstances that the child lives. That is to say, a child who could have reached a considerable height, would not achieve it if his diet is deficient or he lives under extremely harsh circumstances.

- According to this study, which analyzed more than 1000 families measuring the weight and height of mothers, fathers and children in the first years of life, Mothers influence children's body fat. These researchers discovered that the fact that the mother is overweight or of normal weight has a high impact on the weight of the baby at birth, and that is that those who suffer from obesity tend to have higher blood sugar levels.

There are those who dispute this study and consider it unreliable since tall parents are more likely to have tall children. Even within the same family there are siblings who can reach higher than others. And it is that, the child carries in its genetic information 2 variants for the same characteristic, one from the father and one from the mother. And chance will be the one who has the last word.

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