The dog and the cat. Children's poem about animals

The dog and the cat. Children's poem about animals

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Dogs and cats have been historical enemies, however, in this children's poetry about animals, the author, Marisa Alonso Santamaría, makes them great friends.

The dog and the cat It is a beautiful nursery rhyme that we can read to our children and explain to them that, although it seems impossible to get along with another person, it can be achieved.

We invite you to read this original children's poem about a dog and a cat that, far from being enemies, become close friends.

The dog and the cat

it is by tradition,

they always fight

it is their condition.

That's why in the neighborhood

they can't believe

that these animals

get along so well.

Since we were little

grow at the same time,

in the same corner

they play running.

The dog is small,

the very big cat,

but in the distance

looks the same.

The dog barking,

and the cat meowing,

they always play together

jumping and jumping.

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