A planned pregnancy or not: welcome

A planned pregnancy or not: welcome

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Pregnancy enters the life of a couple through different doors. Some couples decide that the moment to increase the family has arrived, or at least everything seems to indicate that it has, and they start to "work" on it; However, others do not plan to have children, although suddenly one day the woman stands in front of her partner and gives him the happy or inescapable news that she is pregnant.

Undoubtedly, planned pregnancy tends to be more conscious, more desired, and more recommended, but if the pregnancy has caught you by surprise, there is no choice but to follow the same rules that other parents will happily follow. Little by little, the baby will make them feel happy and capable in every way, to want it and have it.

Specialists suggest to those who want to be mothers, to plan it, without forgetting some very important recommendations:

1- That they make a preconception visit to the doctor, especially when they suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes, or a heart disease.

2- That they start taking supplements of folic acid and iodine between two and three months before the pregnancy occurs, to prevent the appearance of malformations in the baby, such as cleft lip, etc.

3- That they follow a good diet so as not to gain more weight than they should, and promote an optimal diet for the baby.

4- That they abandon tobacco and alcohol consumption, before and during pregnancy.

5- That it is advisable to carry out a blood test before conceiving.

6- Do not despair if the pregnancy does not come. There are many ways to achieve this.

7- Once the pregnancy arrives, follow the advice of the obstetrician, and attend the classes of preparation for childbirth, maternal education, breastfeeding, etc.

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