Childhood first friend

Childhood first friend

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If I close my eyes I can still see her. Her smile, her green eyes and those funny little freckles on her face. We played to imagine our future, to invent trips to Greenland in search of treasures, to daydream. We dressed up as princesses, pirates, dancers. We could be doctors, teachers, actresses. She was my first great childhood friend. And the first friends, like the first love, are not forgotten. And you, Do you remember what your first childhood friend gave you?

The first memories I have of childhood are linked to school. And from there, the first friends. I know that without them I could not have matured nor to become what I am now and I also know that the more friends you have in childhood, the easier the path is later when it comes to relating to others.

So, the first friends mark you forever. They are unknowingly part of your personality. A friend brings you many things. You are only aware of it when you grow up and see what you left behind along the way. Some you may keep. Others do not. But everyone had a mission in your life.

1. They make you feel unique in the world. Yes, for them you are a unique person and they make you see it. Your first great friend looks for you among the others. It chooses you. You are unique and it makes you feel special. This strengthens your self-esteem and makes you learn to do the same with others.

2. They teach you to share. Because from the beginning, a bond is established between you and your friends that requires some basic rules. Among them, sharing with them. You finally understand what it means. But you also learn to delimit the border of your privacy. There will be things that you don't share. Not with your best friend.

3. You learn to give in. Because you no longer think only of yourself. If your friend is sad, you try to comfort him. You are capable of sacrificing yourself for him. Besides, you are no longer alone. You cannot always choose. Sometimes you have to choose yourself and other times, others.

4. Jealousy appears and you learn to face it. Who has not felt that their best friend was robbed? Jealousy is a natural feeling. They appear when you feel like something you don't want to share is being taken away from you. However, friendship does not understand property, but freedom. And the first friends make you finally understand that nobody belongs to anybody. That a friend has to be free.

5. They teach you to love. It seems simple, but it is not. Learning to love and be loved is more complex than it seems. Learning to love implies being generous, understanding, knowing how to forgive, and taking care of friendship, day by day. Learning to love means making your friend laugh, helping him when he needs you, surprising him, being a detail-oriented man, participating in his joys, banishing resentment and moving away from the sending.

Most likely, the first friends remain only in the memory. Normally, the friends that we keep as adults are more related to adolescence and college. Because life is long and the roads divide. Although that first friend, the one who now walks another path, will always be with us, even if we do not see him.

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