Water gymnastics in pregnancy

Water gymnastics in pregnancy

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During the nine months of pregnancy, the body of the future mother undergoes transformations due to hormonal changes. The body changes as the baby grows in your womb. The pregnant woman can present excess weight, cellulite, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lower back pain and suffer permanent fatigue. All these annoyances can be controlled and / or reduced, if the pregnant woman exercises and controls her diet with a healthy and balanced diet. A great way to do this is to practice water gymnastics during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the body swells, mainly the legs, feet and ankles due to fluid retention. But there are exercises that can help reduce these symptoms.

What's more of walkingOne of the exercises that can bring the most benefits to the body of the future mother is water gymnastics. According to some research, water gymnastics is highly recommended during pregnancy, mainly for the reduction of low back pain. Exercising in the water, with swimming or hydro-gymnastics is very beneficial. Calms, relaxes and keeps the body in shape. Helps burn calories and improve circulation. In addition, the practice of exercise is softened in the water, since the woman does not feel the weight of the belly so much, since the water is a medium where the exercises do not reflect impact, due to the pressure it exerts. Of course, before starting, you should consult with your doctor.

Hydro-gymnastics in pregnancy helps to enrich the body scheme and dynamic experience. If carried out correctly, and conducted by specialized professionals, it contributes to a better physical shape and promotes good health. For pregnant women, water gymnastics provides:

1. Improvement in lower back pain.
2. Muscle rehabilitation.
3. Stimulation of the circulatory system.
4. Increased muscle performance and flexibility.
5. Loss of calories and, therefore, of weight.
6. Peace of mind and relaxation.

Water gymnastics is recommended for pregnant women from the fifth month of gestation. This type of gymnastics is not only about moving in the water. Is about perform movements using water pressure at all times. The position of the hands is essential to perform the thrusts well, since they vary depending on the movements. The position of the trunk is almost always vertical and the water should be at chest level, leaving the shoulders bare. In the water, you can do all the movements that we make on land, in a slower way and obeying the principle of action and reaction (if I push back the body goes forward and vice versa).

- Hydrostatic pressure facilitates venous return. Improves circulation and reduces edema in pregnant women.
- Creates muscle mass.
- Due to the pressure, the joints suffer less impact during jumps.
- All the muscles of the body are worked during the class.
- The joints are specially protected in the water.

In addition to regular physical activity, some care is important in the daily routine of the pregnant woman. If you are pregnant, avoid lifting objects off the floor or hanging your belly down with some kind of weight on your arms. Always try to rest with your legs elevated to avoid fluid retention in the lower limbs. Thus, the swelling of the legs and feet, typical of the last months of pregnancy, will also decrease.

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