Luck for babies born on a capicúa day

Luck for babies born on a capicúa day

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Being born one day or another, although it may seem that it does not matter, has different connotations for both the mother and the baby. Many women prefer that their child be born any day except the 13th and many parents would have chosen such a day as today, an eleven, eleven, eleven to celebrate their son's birthday because it is a beautiful date and that, they say, brings good luck.

A capicúa number is one that can be read backwards and forwards. It is like a circular number. A mirror number, which reflects itself. A magic number that begins where it ends and ends where it begins. They say that capicúa numbers always bring good luck, although it is only a popular belief and there is nothing to justify it. For this reason, there are people who collect lottery coupons, bus tickets, bank notes, and even telephone receipts with those symmetrical figures.

Luck is one of the fundamental pillars on which the happiness of a full life is based, along with health, love and money. With luck in the face, anyone should be able to attract the other three talismans with which to enjoy a satisfying life, full of good times.

Today is a day of superstition and magic. For numerologists, the exceptionalnumber 1 alignment it is synonymous with good fortune; while for the esoteric it is a warning of catastrophe. Whatever the meaning of this number, many lucky optimists have chosen this day to bring good luck. Thus, today Friday many people have bought lottery, they have chosen this day to celebrate their wedding or to baptize their children.

But who will be lucky enough to be born today and celebrate that a 11-11-11? How many babies will be born today in the world? It has been calculated that approximately 3 babies are born every second in the world, which gives a total of about 43,200 babies a day, which will have the date of good luck inscribed on their birth certificate. Children who celebrate their birthdays this day are sure to enjoy a magical party, and if they are also eleven years old or live in portal 11 or on the 11th floor, they will round the circle. Many congratulations to the lucky ones.

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