How to support the baby car seat to avoid back injuries

How to support the baby car seat to avoid back injuries

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Many parents end up carrying the baby car seat on their arm in order not to have to put it on and remove it from the stroller. So maybe you feel identified with these images. A doctor of chiropractic teaches us how to properly secure the infant car seat to avoid short-term and long-term back injuries.

Many moms and dads complain of back and lumbar pain due to a very common gesture among all: incorrectly loading the car restraint with which they transport their baby. The most normal thing is to see the gesture of a father or a mother with the chair hanging from the arm. It's obvious and seems like a natural form of support, right? In this way, one hand is free to carry the stroller, open the car door or carry an additional bag with the baby's things.

Nevertheless, this is not the correct way to hold the car seat. What's more, it is one of the leading causes of low back pain and back pain among parents. We explain what is the ideal way to hold the chair without the back, neck and lumbar area suffering, as shown in the image above and as explained in the following video.

In this video, Dr. Emily Puente, from Puente Family Chiropractic Clinic (Mansfield, Texas) , explains how to support the car restraint correctly, to avoid future back injuries.

The chair must not hang from the arm, but you must put your arm through the handle, hold the base of the chair with your hand and support the weight on the hip area. In this way, you prevent back, neck, shoulders and knees from suffering.

However, not all car seats can be secured in this way. Dr. Puente recommends consulting with an expert in physical therapy to find the best possible way to transport the baby car seat.

There are many types of chair, but not just any will work. To know which chair our baby needs, We must pay particular attention to weight and height. The restraint seat will change depending on the growth of our child.

Until now, the seats were chosen based on this table:

From now on the rules change, and age groups no longer exist. Each chair will determine the age and height of the child, so that parents do not have so many doubts when choosing the right chair. Also, if it is a baby under fifteen months. it is always recommended that they travel in the rear seats but always with the seat oriented contrary to the vehicle's march.

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Video: Safest car seat placement if it can be installed properly (August 2022).