10 names for boys that mean moon

10 names for boys that mean moon

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Have you not yet decided what your future child will be called? It is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Some parents have decided before conceiving their baby, but for others this decision is complicated by the variety of proposals that we have at our disposal.

From our site we propose ten name ideas for boys that hold a common meaning: the moon.

The magnetism of the star, the enchantment of its light, its romanticism, the tranquility it transmits can make you choose one of these options to choose the name of your baby with these beautiful original and rare proposals.

Although most of the names that mean 'moon' are feminine, we also find proposals in masculine. Most have an Arab origin, although we also find proposals from other cultures such as Latin, indigenous and even Basques. Most are short names with a nice sound.

1- London: it is a name for children of Latin origin and its meaning is ‘lunar force’. Sometimes it is also used as a surname.

2- Badrudeen: It is a name of Arabic origin and means 'full moon of faith'.

3- Badr: the meaning of this name is 'full moon'. Its origin is also Arabic.

4- Leltxu: it is a name of Basque origin. It refers to the genius, who according to Basque mythology, hides in at night and alters the reflections of the moon to disorient people.

5- Badra: it is a name of Arabic origin that symbolizes the ‘full moon’. The Badria or Badriya variant is also used.

6- Himanshu: This boy's name refers to the moon and also to the 'moon setting'. Its origin is Hindu.

7- Hilal: means 'new moon' and is a name of Arabic origin. Its use is very common in Turkey.

8- KuyénAccording to the culture of the Mapuche indigenous people, who live in Chile and Argentina, Kuyén is the personification of the ‘Moon’.

9- Aqmar: It is a name of Arabic origin and it means 'brighter than the Moon' although it also refers to the 'dazzling white' that the moon emits when it is in the full moon phase.

10- Ziri: is a name of Arabic origin used by the Berber culture and means 'moonlight'.

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