10 names for girls that mean moon

10 names for girls that mean moon

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Choosing our baby's name can be a real headache. Sometimes we can have it very clear from the beginning but in others it can be difficult to choose one or the other option.

The meaning of some names are linked to the universe and the stars, the moon being the protagonist of many of them, due to its beauty and magnetism. From our site we propose these ten name ideas for girls that mean or refer to the attributes of the moon.

1- Amaris: is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means 'son of the moon'.

2- Illazki: It is a name of Basque origin and in Basque it means 'sister moon'. According to the legends of the Basque people, she was Amalur, Mother Earth, the creator of Illazki, the sister moon.

3- Badir: is a name of Arabic origin. It means 'full moon'. It has another variant which is Badr and it is widely used in Morocco.

4- Chandra: is a feminine name used in Hinduism to refer to the god of the Moon. It literally means ‘shine’. Its origin is Hindu.

5- Moon: It is a name of Latin origin that means' beautiful like the Moon 'or also' the one that illuminates. Although its use is widespread throughout the world, in recent years its use has been revitalized by the popularity of the Argentine television series ‘Soy Luna’. Among the most used variants we find Lúa, in Galician, or Lluna in Catalan, among others.

6- Killari: In Quechua or Quichua, a language family native to the Andes, this feminine name symbolizes the ‘moonlight’.

7- Nahiara: the origin of this name is Arabic and means 'moonlight'. In recent years, the use of its Naiara variant has become popular throughout the world, especially in Spain.

8- Selene: It is a name of Greek origin and means 'beautiful like the Moon'. In Greek mythology she was an ancient lunar goddess daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Tea. Its equivalent in Roman mythology was the Moon goddess. Its variant Selena is more widespread throughout the world. The popularity of the American actress and singer Selena Gómez has contributed to some extent to this.

9- Mizuki: it is a name of Japanese origin that means 'pretty moon'.

10- Yue: it is a name of Chinese origin with which the lunar star is mentioned.

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