The unhappy bear. Children's poem about shyness

The unhappy bear. Children's poem about shyness

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Shyness is a personality trait of many children, however, when it is very old, it can prevent them from enjoying and having fun as they should.

This poem: The unhappy bear, is a children's poem about shyness, we can read it with the children and analyze what happened to the bear because it was so embarrassing. Poems are a way to stimulate children's learning.

If your child is very shy, you can read this children's poem with your child and comment on it to make him understand that we can and must overcome shyness so that they do not prevent us from enjoying and being happy.

As it was very embarrassing

went from figs to figs,

and locked up he passed

the bear in that cave.

I saw the animals

in freedom walking,

I looked at them with envy

Well, I was looking forward to it.

«I also want to go out»

-said red with shame-,

but nobody heard it

because he didn't scream loudly.

And there he was locked

without daring to go out,

and sad spent his days

living the unhappy bear.

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