The shadow of the wasp. Funny poem for kids

The shadow of the wasp. Funny poem for kids

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Jokes aren't the only stories that can make children laugh. Poetry can also achieve it, and it is that through their verses, poems tell stories as funny as The shadow of the wasp.

We suggest that you read this nursery rhyme to your children, a funny poem for children with which they will have a good time. Your children can memorize this short poem and recite it to their friends ... they will blow your mind!

This short poem is very funny, it tells the story of a little wasp that fell into a watering can while its shadow, stood outside looking, can the shadow fly away?

A clueless wasp,

fell into a watering can,

but its smartest shadow,

looking he stayed outside.

The very determined shadow,

alone she wanted to go flying,

but did not find the wings

and could not leave.

And the warm wasp

did not come out until spring,

while the shade in winter

was waiting outside.

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