A very happy birthday for the children

A very happy birthday for the children

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Today we celebrate a birthday at home! Celebrating birthdays was always a custom in my family. Cakes, candles, sodas, friends, the Happy Birthday. My parents have always instilled in me and taught me that having a birthday is a blessing, a way of giving thanks for having lived another year and got here, whole and healthy. In those first years of my daughter's life, this is what I try to convey to her when we celebrate her birthday or someone else's.

Whatever happens, the illusion of celebrating children's birthdays must always be there. There is nothing more delicious than seeing your child in front of a cake, blowing out the candles, eating, playing, having fun with his friends, and feeling that his birthday is special. As much as the organization of the party has represented a headache for you, in the end everything always works out well, and you feel fully satisfied for having done it.

Preparing a birthday party doesn't always take so much time and work. Today, due to lack of time, many families resort to spaces prepared for birthdays such as ball pools, bowling alleys, fast food restaurants, etc. There, you gather your child's friends, leave them for an hour or two, and that's it. They have a great time! In addition, you will not have to prepare the cake, or the table, or anything at all. You will only have to worry about the invitations, in bringing and picking up the children.

However, you can't always shell out what a party like this requires. Depending on the number of guests, it can be quite expensive. Another option would be to do it in a park, if the weather is good, or take the children to see an interesting movie or, if you have imagination and time, do it at home, in the living room, in the garden or in the garage. The important thing is that it is a safe place. Keep in mind that for children, everything you do will be perfect. So don't dwell on the subject so much.

Organizing a party involves preparing the decorations, the piñatas, the balls, the cake and candles, glasses, napkins, and everything that the children are going to eat (sandwiches, pizzas, snacks). Then, depending on the age of your child, prepare the invitations with him where they should put the place, day and time of the event. It will also depend on the age of your child to organize some fun games for their friends. Among the most preferred of children are putting the tail on the donkey, the game of chairs, some magic, sack race, painted faces, or a dance.

As you can see, children do not need big celebrations. With just having a space, game, something to eat and their friends, they will be more than happy. And that's what it's all about: a very happy birthday!

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