The least healthy dairy desserts for kids

The least healthy dairy desserts for kids

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What we call dairy desserts include, for example, custards, mousses, rice pudding or cups of chocolate and cream. The fact that they are in the same refrigerator as yogurts can lead to confusion, since it can give us to understand that they are the same or similar, but nothing could be further from the truth.

On our site we tell you what the less healthy dairy desserts for children, those that should be avoided on a day-to-day basis.

When we speak of dairy derivatives as an alternative to milk or as a substitute for it in terms of their calcium intake, we generally refer to yogurts and cheeses, not to desserts made with milk or that contain milk.

The petit suisse They are derived from cheeses, and are, of all desserts, the healthiest. In recent years they have evolved a lot, reducing the fat content and including fruit instead of colors and flavors in its preparation. However, except for the natural variety, even with the incorporation of fruit, all the others contain additives, colorings and flavorings.

There are many other dairy desserts that are found in supermarkets along with yogurts and petit suisse, but they are less healthy for children, they are these:

- Homemade custard they contain, among others, milk, eggs and sugar, a lot of sugar. Even more so if they have a cookie as a decoration, since that adds extra sugar. Commercial custard contains all these ingredients accompanied by the necessary additives so that its texture, color and smell are always the same.

- Rice pudding It is made with rice, milk, sugar and butter mainly. In addition to additives and sugars, the industrial version of this dessert also provides fats that, depending on their origin, will be more or less healthy. Normally unhealthy, since the industry tends to use less healthy fats than those we use at home.

- Mousses and desserts in glasses, lemon, chocolate and also the strawberry and cream glasses, may contain among their ingredients milk, sugar, eggs and / or various flours. Although they do not contain added fat, it must be taken into account that their egg content already provides fat and cholesterol, something that we would not find in a yogurt, much more appropriate for the diet of the little ones. In addition, these products contain additives, among other reasons, to maintain that fluffy texture, both in the cream and in the mousse. Not counting the preservatives necessary for them to reach their best before date.

What they all have in common, in addition to the need for the milk they contain to be whole and not low in fat, is a high sugar content that overshadows a content of nutrients, proteins and calcium in particular, which could be attractive, making them not only unnecessary in the child's diet but not recommended.

It is proven that the consumption of sugar is highly detrimental to health at all ages, so it makes sense to restrict the consumption of products loaded with this ingredient, establishing healthy eating habits from childhood. Its consumption, especially if they are homemade products, can be reserved for special occasions or occasionally.

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