The dangers of bouncy castles for children

The dangers of bouncy castles for children

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Apparently safe, bouncy castles offer children fun with little danger; or that's what it seems ... What else could happen that the castle deflates or that the child next to us can step on ours? This is what many parents think and wonder, well, the reality is that more than that can happen.

We explain what they are the risks and dangers of bouncy castles for children and what you have to look out for before your child gets on this ride.

In recent years bouncy castles for children They have been one of the preferred choices for parents on birthdays, more and more are installed at private parties and many restaurants have decided to put a permanent one in their facilities, since they represent a respite for children and parents if we want to have a quiet after-dinner; This is the reason why accidents have skyrocketed, although it is true that such accidents are normally not serious.

Contusions, bruises, cuts, burns from rubbing or blows are the most common accidents, however, a bad anchoring of the castle or a mistake when leaving the electrical cables in the air can lead to very serious consequences And, therefore, before hiring or raising our child to a bouncy castle, we should take into account certain rules that they must comply with:

1- It is preferable that it is in an open and spacious place, that has, at least 2 to 3.5 meters wide on the sides to avoid collisions with objects such as streetlights, columns or cars.

2- You must have insurance civil liability and activity license. The castle must meet the requirements of the EN14960.2014 standard, and must have a plate with the indication of the power of the pump and the maximum number of children and height.

3- It is important that the land on which the castle is placed is flat and firm.

4- You must have at least 6 anchor points to the ground, flat and not protruding, or if not possible, with sandbags.

5- Inflatable castles for children should always be guarded by at least one adult, which must control the capacity of the interior and not let more children pass than necessary until the first ones leave. The batches of children must be distributed by similar ages.

6- The materials and the condition of the inflatable must be good and not be impaired. Inflators, motors, tubes and cables must be kept away from children and protected against possible electric shocks.

7- It should not be used when it rains or it is windy, since the castle flies or tips easily.

8- In the surroundings there should be mats or foam, especially at the access to the bouncy castle, in addition there must be a ramp that covers the entire width of the entrance arch, and the entrance must be away from trees, benches, posts or curbs.

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