Not only from motherhood does a woman live

Not only from motherhood does a woman live

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I love the role of mother, I am passionate about being with my daughter, walking, watching movies, dancing, playing, going out, cooking and doing a lot of things with and for her, but there are moments when a voice wakes up inside me, 'screams' and wants to come out. It is the need to go back to being just myself, to 'take off my mother's clothes' and put on a 'suit' that we often leave parked on the side of our lives for our children: that woman's 'outfit'.

Since I was a mother I have become a different and better person, I have experienced a higher degree of dignity, dedication, pleasure ... When I was 'baptized' as a mother, I think I climbed a lot of steps in my life towards fullness. I'm still at it but sometimes I need to change the scene to be just myself because, after all, children cannot and should not be the helm of our lives, even if they are and will always be the most important little people in them.

I love my daughter but I also love going to the movies, to the theater or to dinner out, alone with my partner. I need to take a moment to be and enjoy with him. And not only that. I also need to be with my friends, chat, hang around and eat with them, although we end up as usual, talking about the children, of course. The children often monopolize all our attention and talks, but I believe that they are not responsible and we, the mothers.

As children, as children are so dependent on us, we end up losing the course of our priorities, although deep down we know that for each thing there is its time and its moment. You can take care of your children without ceasing to be yourself in your wants and needs. You can take care of your children without having to leave the job you have worked so hard for. Also 'cultivate' friends. How many friends, how many professional opportunities fell by the wayside because they did not have the time or organization to give them attention, right?

Children are not and should not be obstacles or obstacles for us to be women. Today, especially, I want to have at least a couple of hours alone, without work, without children, without a dog, without housework, without obligations ... Maybe I will give myself a gift in a store, at the hairdresser or at the gym. Or I will just walk looking up at the sky to 'refeed' myself. What do you think if you do the same or something different?

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