The boy and the beggar. Solidarity poems for children

The boy and the beggar. Solidarity poems for children

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Educating children in values ​​is essential for their development as a person. For our children to understand and value why it is so important to be charitable, kind or supportive, we can teach them through poems, stories or fables.

One of these solidarity poems for children is The child and the beggar, a poem that teaches children the value of charity and, above all, that of understanding. Before we get an idea of ​​what others are like by their physical appearance, we must wait and listen to them. We must teach children to respect others, whether they are executives or beggars. And, above all, not to consider more and better anyone for their physical appearance.

I was on a bench

a child playing,

and a beggar arrived

sitting next to.

The boy looks at him

with a disgusted face,

it changes place


The man looks at him

with a sad face,

and tells the child

the life he leads.

His wife died

dont have work,

and now he lives

wandering around.

He has his three children

in an orphanage,

there was no remedy

had to leave them.

His torn pants

his dirty jacket,

it seems that its appearance

nobody likes it.

Lead this life

makes him suffer,

he wants soon

with your children go.

The child looks at him

the child listens to you,

it could be his father,

What a hard life!

Holding his hand

looking into his eyes

asks that man

sorry with sobs.

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