Strengthen your child in the face of life's obstacles

Strengthen your child in the face of life's obstacles

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How to strengthen children so that they, when they grow up, know how to face the difficulties and obstacles of life? How to prepare them, in this sense?

We teach them to eat, walk, sleep, play and practically everything, but we often forget to take advantage of daily activities, pleasures and obligations, to educate our children to be strong in their way of life.

In his latest book, entitled Strengthen your child. Guide to face the adversities of life, Javier Urra reveals some strategies with which we can educate children to be strong in the face of events around them. Here are some topics that have caught my attention:

1- We must avoid being radical, as for example, in our certainties. Nothing is absolutely true or correct.

2- We stimulate the creativity of children, vital to face adverse circumstances.

3- Let's develop in children thinking skills, for example, to have an optimistic attitude and a positive posture.

4- Let us teach them that it is not only the strong who fight. You get strong, because you fight.

5- Let us educate them to have a good mood. Humor is the ability one has to keep a smile even in bad times.

6- When children fall or get a bad grade at school, or when they are in a bad moment, that they learn to take advantage of this difficulty to learn not to repeat, to excel, to increase their ability to face problems. Let's not let a bad experience determine the child's life.

7- We must rescue and enhance certain internal forces such as courage, perseverance, self-confidence, to ward off negative thoughts and situations.

8- Let's teach them to live with doubt, uncertainty, conflict and rupture. They are often unavoidable situations, although they should not give too much importance.

9- Let us teach them that life is not measured by time, but by intensity. May they learn to enjoy quality rather than quantity. That will make them lose fears and anxieties.

10- We must make them believe that for all kinds of problems there is an antidote, a remedy, a vaccine, a medicine. We better take care and not worry.

As the author of the book says, it is as a child when you learn the place you think you occupy in the world. It is as a child when we must begin to put into practice values ​​such as patience, forgiveness, solidarity, etc. It is as a child when you learn to adapt to many situations, to laugh at yourself, to transmit ourselves to others, to measure our will with our abilities, because when children are older, these learnings will determine their decisions in the face of difficulties: whether they will sink or grow with them.

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