Basketball for kids

Basketball for kids

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Among team sports, there are two that stand out above the rest: soccer and basketball. Both are disciplines that allow children to develop their capacity for speed and resistance and improve their coordination of movements.

In addition to the physical ones, they are sports that promote teamwork, camaraderie, solidarity and generosity among the little ones.

Basketball, also called basketball or basketball, comes from the English basket (basket) and ball (ball) and was born in response to the need to carry out some type of sporting activity in a sports center during the cold winter of the United States.

Canadian professor James Naismith was commissioned to devise a new sport in December 1891. Recalling an old game from his childhood that consisted of try to hit an object on a rock with a stone, he placed some boxes of peaches open on both sides on a railing and established the rules of the new activity.

In 1892, the women's basketball and a board was placed behind the boxes to prevent spectators from hindering or helping the ball in. And with the passage of time the baskets of peaches became the metal hoops with a net that we know today. In 1928, basketball became an Olympic sport and began to gain followers all over the world, creating institutions dedicated solely to regulating basketball competitions.

This sport is suitable for children from 5 years old. Basketball is played with teams made up of five children whose mission is to introduce the ball through the basket rim, located at a height of 3 meters, although it varies depending on the age of the children.

In addition to promoting teamwork, camaraderie, generosity and solidarity, basketball has many physical benefits for children's development and growth:

  • Helps to develop concentration, speed, self-control, confidence or balance
  • Strengthens the muscles of the whole body and especially those of the legs
  • Promotes the development of the locomotor system
  • Increases the physical endurance of children
  • It helps to burn large amounts of calories, helping the little ones not to suffer from problems such as childhood obesity

Angela del Caz.

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