Benefits of using the abacus with children

Benefits of using the abacus with children

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It seems incredible that in the midst of the apotheosis of technology, where the use of tablets, computers and digital whiteboards is introduced in classrooms, one of the best applications to learn mathematics is the abacus.

Invented by the Chinese thousands of years ago, it is still the main tool for calculating still in many peoples; But not all abaci are the same, but there are different types; the Japanese adapted Chinese to be able to do basic operations more quickly, and today it is the most effective abacus; while Russian is the one we meet most often and the one we see children playing with.

- The abacus not only helps us to add and subtract more fluently, but we can also solve more complex operations how to multiply, divide, calculate roots and powers.

- In several recent studies it has been possible to verify how children who had been trained to use the abacus had significantly increased your cognitive abilities in the same period of time as those who had used traditional western calculation methods. The children had started working with the abacus from the age of 5 to 12, and the results were surprising as they had increased all their cognitive abilities, not just those related to calculation.

- The abacus had helped them to face problems with new perspectives to the rigid classical algorithms, it had increased your creativity and your calculation speed. They were able to deal with more complex problems because they felt more self-confident, and had greater confidence in their learning.

- During the training courses the students developed a increased mental stamina and concentrationsince it requires full attention at all times. They had strengthened their auditory and visual memory, as they thought in pictures, and were able to recall a greater number of calculations.

- The speed of the movements they made with their fingers to move the tiles had influenced a better fine motor skills and better spatial orientation. In addition, it allows the development of greater interhemispheric integration, that is, a working collaboration between the two parts of the hemispheres of the brain; both the right that handles creativity and imagination, and the left that processes logic, analysis and method.

- Handling the abacus increases reasoning ability, and is suitable for children with visual problems and helps in the treatment of ADHD and dyscalculia.

Its use is not easy, we will need a few classes to learn it correctly, but it has been revealed as a promising tool in current classes.

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