Children do know how to share

Children do know how to share

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We parents know what it costs for our children to share their toys. They have a highly developed sense of ownership, and even if they don't play with that car that has been collecting dust on a shelf for months, if they see another child rush for it, they run in terror because ... it's theirs!

Examples like the one in this video below show that children do know how to share. In the important moments, with the important things, when it is necessary, children do know how to be generous. If you don't believe it, watch the video:

Action Against Hunger is an NGO that with a simple video tries to demonstrate how children do know how to share. They alone and without the direction of any adult, are capable of solving one of the dilemmas of humanity: how to end hunger in the world?

This organization denounces that 3.5 million children die of hunger a year, a scandalous figure because the solution to stop this situation has not yet been implemented. A solution, which, as these children teach us, is very simple, we just have to share a little of what we have.

Therefore, are we the parents who have to teach our children to share? Or are they the ones who give us life lessons that we should learn? And it is that the simple act of sharing is one of the most difficult social skills to learn, since not even adults can do it many times.

First of all it is important to recognize that the child should not be forced to share, especially if he is not yet ready. To be able to be, you have to:

- Wait until he has developed other previous learning, a baby will not understand why he has to share.

- Teach by example.

- Encourage play with other children and the exchange of toys.

- Praise and congratulate the child when he has been generous and has shared.

- Generate situations that induce sharing, either at home with the family or in the park with other children.

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