The size of your baby in pregnancy with fruits and vegetables

The size of your baby in pregnancy with fruits and vegetables

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What is the size of your little one according to the week you are in


The baby enters the last month of growth with a size and weight of 2.6 kg and 47 cm. By the end of this month it will look like a small watermelon, weighing 3.5 kg. and 51 centimeters.

In the eighth month of pregnancy, the baby slows down and reaches 42 centimeters and 1.7 kg. weight, with what looks like a Chinese cabbage.

In the seventh month of pregnancy the baby reaches a considerable weight, already exceeding one kilo, and is about 38 centimeters tall, similar to a cauliflower.

The baby returns to double its weight in the sixth month of pregnancy and reaches 600 grams. Its size is 30 centimeters, like an ear of corn.

In the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby reaches a size of 25 centimeters and has tripled its weight compared to the previous month, reaching 300 grams. It looks like a banana.

In the fourth month of pregnancy, many women begin to notice changes in their belly. The baby already weighs 100 grams and is 16 cm in size, resembling an apple.

The size of the baby increases rapidly, although it is not yet noticeable in the physical aspect. The baby is almost 6 centimeters in size, like a green lemon, and is 16 grams in weight.

The size of your baby has already multiplied, but it is still very small, it is the size of a bean, almost 2 centimeters.

During the first month of pregnancy, your baby takes up hardly any space, and its size and weight would be similar to that of a peppercorn.

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