Saint Plato's Day, April 4. Names for boys

Saint Plato's Day, April 4. Names for boys

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Plato is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'wide' or 'wide', giving an idea of ​​the relevance that this name supposes for any child.

It is a rare but very familiar name thanks to the popularity of the Greek philosopher, so it is ideal if you like names of height. He celebrates his name day on April 4, which is the day of Saint Plato.

By the meaning of his name, Plato implies an open mind and a charismatic personality. In addition, Plato has an awakened intelligence, very particular, that makes him an enigmatic person and worthy of the admiration of others. Due to his sagacity and intuition, Plato is able to find the solution for the most difficult moments, which makes him essential in social relationships.

The name Plato is known throughout the world and of great relevance in Western society. However, it is not one of the most frequent names. So if you decide on Plato as the name for your son, there is no doubt that the boy will enjoy great popularity thanks to the originality of his name.

Perhaps the scant use of your son's name is due to his universal identification with one of the greatest thinkers, the Greek Plato, who, curiously, was called Aristocles. It would be later when he would adopt the nickname of Plato due to his wide-mindedness or, some say, his broad scope. What is beyond doubt is the importance it had for later thinking.

An importance that is also reflected in the use of the term "platonic" in relation to an ideal love, because the concept of 'idea' was the key point of his thought. In addition to the philosopher, several saints and monks were named after your son, but we also know the Greek writer Platon Rodocanakis and the British photographer Platon Antoniou.

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