Benefits of playing with sand for children

Benefits of playing with sand for children

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Few pleasures are greater for a child than rolling in the sand. The sand exerts an attractive power on them that is difficult to explain, and watching them play in it is a real pleasure.

Whether in playgrounds, sandboxes or the beach, the sand, in addition to the delight that it can provide, offers multiple benefits for your learning, especially during the first years of life.

It is true that care must be taken so that the child does not eat sand, one of the favorite games of babies, since many sandboxes in parks and beach sand can contain bacteria from animal feces that can make children sick. our children. Diarrhea and toxoplasmosis can be some of the most alarming consequences if you are not careful to ingest it in large doses, in addition to washing your hands well after playing with the sand, but it is not something as common as we think, and the pros they are much greater than the cons.

1- Physical: Walking, running, digging, jumping, getting up and sitting down, carrying a bucket full of sand ... these are physical exercises that activate your muscular and skeletal system, and you can also acquire greater motor skills, since the environment is different from what you normally do. they usually move. He also develops fine motor skills when using shovels or rakes and handling sand with his fingers.

2- Cognitive: Playing they do not realize that they are acquiring small new concepts such as full, empty, different weights or the relationship of cause and effect. The different molds make them appreciate the volumes and shapes.

3- Creative: The symbolic game in which a mountain of sand turns into a beautiful princess castle, or a hole in a garage, develops imagination and creativity. The sand can become anything you want, race tracks, we can mummify ourselves like the Egyptians, or we can be children with mermaid tails ...

4- Sensitive: The sand makes us develop one of the main senses, that of touch. Just by feeling it and letting it slip through the fingers, the child experiences new sensations, he can squeeze it or throw it into the air and handle it at will.

5- Connection with the environment: Playing outside and mingling with other children brings great benefits. They socialize, develop team play, interact, learn new words, feel the connection with nature, visualize a new environment and learn to clean up after the game.

So even if you see him throw a bucket of sand over his head while he's wearing his Sunday suit, don't get mad, take ten deep breaths and think about the benefits you can get out of this experience.

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