The sudden, silent and inexplicable death of babies

The sudden, silent and inexplicable death of babies

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Sudden infant death can be diagnosed and even prevented, but why it occurs is not yet known. It remains the leading cause of death for infants between one month and one year of age, and a mystery to experts. Thanks to the prevention efforts determined by different organizations, the cases of this syndrome have been reduced, but they continue to cause a deep pain to many parents and families.

What causes sudden infant death remains an enigma. Nobody expects some seemingly healthy babies to die like this, so unexpectedly, in an inexplicable and I would say almost unnatural way, showing no signs of suffering.

In his last studies, the United States National Institute for Human Development and Child Health, accuses an alteration in brain function, due to the imbalance that it generates in breathing, in body temperature and in awakening the baby from sleep. However, there is still a long way to go to understand and know the true mechanisms that cause some babies to die suddenly. 90% of cases occur between two and six months of life, and mainly in the winter months.

Information on how to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) can be purchased at any outpatient clinic, consultations, campaigns, and hospitals. There are measures to make the baby's sleep safer, and since they were adopted, the risk of SIDS has been reduced by up to 70%. These measurements start with the best position to lay your child down. It is recommended:

- Lay the baby on his back, on a firm mattress, with the bottom sheet very well stretched, and without a pillow;

- Leave the baby's arms, hands, and head out of the bedding, exposed;

- Do not overcoat the baby. Keep it warm enough.

- Do not allow anyone to smoke in the baby's room. The best thing is that nobody smokes inside the house;

- Give breast milk to the baby every time he asks for it.

When such a baby dies suddenly, so that it can be confirmed that it has been due to SIDS, a detailed clinical history of the baby, an autopsy and a family investigation and the baby's environment, as well as a study are necessary. location of the situation. They will not bring the baby back to life, but they can help the family heal, and come to terms with the death as tragic as any death from an identifiable cause.

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